Here is the Israelites story broken into 10 epochs.You can look at my mind map below  or/and my presentation.



World View

a WV is a world view, everybody has one, its there view of the world and life. a cosmos is what exists seen and unseen. I disagree with Socrates cause every life is worth living, some people just haven’t taken a giant look at it because it doesn’t matter to them. I don’t know how an atheist would answer the world view questions or how a materialist would answer the questions either, because i am neither. what are you talking about girls just want to have fun? 


What word is more typically used to convey this idea?

most ppl use image, because its just  more commonly used, most ppl dont know eikon is even a word.

3. Why do you think Dr. McKnight didn’t choose the “usual” word? Is there any advantage to using eikon(s) instead?

it could be because its more smart sounding rly, like, you never know what he was thinking, image sounds plain, he might have used eikon cuz most ppl dont know it exists, so they have to figure it out on their own

4. Do you like his choice?

no i do not, im not much of a fancy word person, i like simple


1. Define reveal (dictionary may help; make a note). What does it mean to reveal something?

to reveal something is to let it be known to man.

2. What difference does it make to believe that the Bible is God’s revelation versus a book written by different people?

it makes no difference because God told the ppl what to write.

3. How can 40 people writing over a 1500 year period deliver the same message?

God told them all what to write, they just had to do as they were told.

4. What IS that “same” message?

the message is God is telling us how He wants us to live life with Him

5. Why is the Bible considered the most unique book ever written?

cuz it was written over 1500 yrs and still ended up with the same meaning, the meaning nvr changed once.

6. What does it mean to say “God is establishing his kingdom on earth”? 

that God is establishing his kingdom on earth

7. If God is establishing his kingdom on earth, what does that mean for individual Christians here and now?

it means that they should enjoy God’s kingdom here and try to make it a better place.